Portrait of Tassisiak Tuki Loft and the return of The Four Amigos

A while back (a week ago from last Thursday?) I got together in my studio with three Facebook buddies for a play/paint date. Having secured the model, Tuki Loft of Kahnawake, my three guests arrived for the first of hopefully will be an ongoing thing.  Other painters have that kind of sharing camaraderie – Richard Schmid’s Putney Painters group, Palette and Chisel. What I know is that it’s an awful nice change from toiling in silence alone. There is something to be said for solitude but once in a while…so back to the group I have seemed to have dubbed The Four Amigos. The last time we got together for a roughly 5 hour session with our model. As can be seen from the images posted last week on the blog my buddies are formidable artists. Of the four I was the least successful in my attempt to paint Tuki. After mulling it over I decided to get Tuki back for a quick photo shoot so I could rework the image. Basically I sanded down the original brush drawing I started that day. The drawing in of the shirt can still be seen.

Eric Mannella and I got together last week for the afternoon in my studio and we decided we would like to have a second sitting with Tuki. We also decided to see if the other guys Steven Rosati and Eduardo S. Fernandes wanted to join us. All being favorable we are set to pick up where we left off.  Those fellows are ready. I need to play catch up so I got a jumps start laying in my color. While it is a bit of a cheat, having re-worked my portrait working from a photograph I am unrepentant.


While I made significant headway into the painting there is much to do later this morning (it’s now 2:34 a.m. my time). We will be starting at 10a.m. or thereabout. Hopefully I won’t be too out of it. I will need to restate the darks and work on the muzzle of the portrait but overall I am feeling pretty good about where I am. Here’s a close-up.


I will post the outcome of today’s session later in the day or perhaps tomorrow. Thanks for looking, see you soon and have a great day! Onen ki Wahi (Until next we meet)

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