Post Scripts, Self-Edits and Apologies…

It is funny and, then again, not so funny perhaps when one realizes one might have been caught up in the moment and misspoke. Case in point, I would add a note in postscript to the video I posted previously.. In it I am recorded making a statement to the effect that there hasn’t been a place to exhibit art in Kahnawake. That statement constitutes an error of omission. What I meant to say was that in Kahnawake there has not been, at least not in recent memory, a  commercial gallery space dedicated to the  exhibition of Native artists work. The reality is that the Kanien’kehaka Raotitiohkwa Cultural Center of Kahnawake has for many years provided exhibition space for Native artists among the many cultural endeavors it pursues, language preservation, programming and curriculum development being prime examples. The KRCC had and continues to provide a space for the exhibition of artist at all levels and has more than generously hosted vernnisages and promoted these exhibitions, owing to the tireless work of Martin Loft of the KRCC in no small part. Indeed Martin, an artist himself in photography, printmaking and jewelry, has been a champion of this aspect of the KRCC’s mandate. It is important to me as an artist and as a human being to be quick to correct one’s own missteps as soon as one realizes the error of one’s ways.

To this I submit the following link to let the KRCC ‘speak for itself as to it’s endeavors:

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